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A Plantastic Life is a cooperative card game where players work together to grow and protect a sunflower. Watch out for pests and brave the ever-changing weather! 

Grandma Meredith just left to go on vacation and she left you in charge of taking care of her favorite little seedling in her garden. Well, not just you. You and a couple of friends were told to watch over her baby sunflower. She worries about her little sunflower because of all of the potential threats to the baby plant’s well-being, but you assured her that this seedling would thrive under your care! Besides, how hard could it be to take care of a few seeds?

Now is your time to prove to Grandma Meredith that you do have a green thumb and can handle responsibility. You and your friends must figure out how to help the plant battle the elements, avoid pests, and allow it to bloom!

Watch out—the weather can be brutal and the pests sure can be pesky. It’s going to take a lot of work to keep this baby growing. Are you up for it?

Created by Juliette Amorati, Lauren Smith, Rachel Thieman, and Ziwei Zhang.


a_plantastic_life-printables.pdf 2 MB
a_plantastic_life-rules.pdf 1 MB

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